The Countdown: May 2024

You’ve been waiting and planning and daydreaming for months now – the big day is almost here! Departure day is just a few short weeks away, so the real countdown is ON.

Here’s a quick recap of everything we’ve talked about as we gear up for this summer’s adventure:

Luggage. Do you remember all the details about luggage size, weight, organization and more? It’s okay, you don’t have to – everything you need to know about luggage is right here.

What To Pack. Clothes and cubes and chargers, oh my! You’ll be packing before you know it, so this quick guide to packing is ready when you are. 

Passports. It’s been our hottest topic because it’s the one thing you can’t buy or replace on the road. Fingers crossed you have yours all buttoned up and ready to pop into a lanyard-style holder before you hit the road. 

Backpacks. Your packable best friend on tour. All our must-know information about backpack essentials is outlined in this post just in case you need a refresher. 

Money. Nearly everything you’ll do on tour is already covered, from transportation to main meals and experiences. But there are some things that you’ll want or need in your travels, and knowing how you’ll pay for them is clutch. Find the scoop here

And since it’s our “final countdown” post, here’s one bonus category!

International Phone Plan. Most cell-phone providers offer international plans that allow you to use your phone just like you would in the States. Daily and monthly pricing options are usually available – contact your cell-phone provider for more details and make sure it’s activated before you board your flight overseas.

So, what’s left to think through? At this point, you have all the information you need to pack and prepare for the trip. But to make the most of this once in a lifetime adventure, you’ll need more than just logistics. Here are a few extras you’ll want to take on tour: 

An Open Mind. You’re about to be exposed to a world of “new.” New cultures, foods, languages, ways of life – new everything. Whether you’re joining us from a small town or a big city, there’s a whole world out there that you haven’t met yet. Be ready to be shaped by experience, because after sharing this trip with hundreds of students, we know you’re not coming back the same.

Grace for Yourself. This may be your first time traveling outside of the country. And we’re betting you’ve never traveled internationally without your parents. You’re about to learn on the job and you may make a mistake or two. Be patient with yourself, learn from those mistakes and just try again. You only learn to travel by doing it, so let’s get out there!

A Spirit of Adventure. Try the new food. Greet someone in the new language. Step onto the stage. You’ll have endless opportunities to try new things on this trip, so don’t miss your chance to give it a go! We’re beyond excited to travel with you in just a few short weeks. If you haven’t caught our series on the exciting destinations we’ll be visiting, please check out our posts on EnglandFranceSwitzerlandGermanyand Austria – they’ll inspire some travel daydreams while you count the days. We’re counting too! 

About Ambassadors
of Music

The Ambassadors of Music tour offers talented student musicians an unparalleled opportunity to explore the best of Europe, including the birthplace of classical music itself. This fifteen-day tour takes students and directors on an adventure through five countries, with once-in-a-lifetime cultural experiences throughout our journey, including performances in historic venues.