Trip Experience

Performance and Education

Performance Opportunities

Our student performers will step onto some of the world’s grandest stages, in ancient churches, pristine parks and beautiful town squares. In the smaller towns we visit, our performances become heartwarming events, with locals and their families attending and welcoming us into their communities.

Exploring these new locales as part of a group of musicians invites students into a unique exchange – they bring music to share with new faces and leave filled with broadened horizons and appreciation for new cultures. Their growth as performers is always remarkable, as they learn from new directors on new stages, in performances with musical peers who often become lifelong friends.

    Educational Experiences

    The profound educational experiences begin long before our students board the plane! Performers will enjoy a pre-tour music camp, giving them an opportunity to learn together, make new friends and bond before traveling as a group.

    The trip itself offers learning opportunities unlike any other. Students mature as travelers as they learn how to navigate new languages, foods, currency and cultures. They grow in maturity and responsibility as well, learning how to communicate with roommates and their fellow travelers and managing their belongings and money. Our students come home with new life skills that will stay with them for the rest of their lives.

      “You’ll never experience Europe in the same way, ever.”

      Ben Cardoza,
      Past Ambassadors of Music Participant

        “We’re all here to have fun, and to explore the world together.”

        Nate Meyer,
        Past Ambassadors of Music Participant

          “It was just a great feeling to be so appreciated by the audiences we performed for.”

          Mary Privett,
          Past Ambassadors of Music Participant

            “With Ambassadors of Music, all of the participants have been nominated. This is a select group. And that sets this program apart from other youth program opportunities.”

            Dr. David Fullmer,
            State Coordinator, Utah Ambassadors of Music

             “It’s an opportunity to express yourself through music, to grow as a musician, and to grow as a human being.”

            Matt Sheppard,
            Co-State Coordinator, Nebraska Ambassadors of Music

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