Destination Close-Up: England

We’re a few months away from an incredible summer of European adventures with our Ambassadors of Music groups, but that won’t stop us from daydreaming about the amazing places we’ll explore together.

England is the first stop of our journey, where we’ll spend three days discovering all that modern London and ancient Windsor have to offer. 

But first, a quick note before we start dreaming.

It’s important to know that each group’s itinerary may vary slightly, since details are being finalized right up until your trip date. That means that this trip daydream may look a little different than your real-life adventure, but it’s an accurate reflection of your trip at the time of publication.

Now let’s get dreaming!


After you touch down at London’s Heathrow Airport, you’ll be whisked to nearby Windsor, an historic town on the River Thames. If the name Windsor sounds familiar, there may be a few reasons for that:

  • It’s the setting for Shakespeare’s The Merry Wives of Windsor.
  • Well before that treasure was written, William the Conqueror made his home here.
  • It’s the official residence of His Majesty, King Charles III. If his Royal Standard flag is flying during your visit, you’ll know he’s home.  

In this charming town, you’ll marvel at Windsor Castle, possibly catch the changing of the guard, shop along Peascod Street and enjoy a delicious lunch. To quote The Merry Wives, “the world is your oyster” in Windsor. 


Following a dinner stop on our journey back to London, you’ll find a well-deserved rest at the hotel. You’ll need a great night’s sleep for all that London has in store tomorrow. 

Your first day in London is musical one, as you’ll be performing in multiple historic venues throughout the city.

You’ll grab breakfast at the hotel with your new AOM friends and board motorcoaches for a midday performance at The Victoria Embankment Gardens. These stunning gardens lie on the north side of the River Thames and feature winding gravel paths lined with statues and memorials. In the summer, Londoners picnic throughout this greenspace – you’ll enjoy lunch in the gardens as well, following your performance.

A second performance is on your agenda for the late afternoon in the famous St. Matthew Bayswater Church. Built in the late 1800s, this Anglican church is known for its Victorian Gothic architecture and tremendously tall spire that can be seen for miles around. Once you’ve delighted audiences with your performance, you’ll be off to dinner and an evening planned by your director. 

The next day, you’ll wake to another day of London adventures – and trust us, it’s action-packed! After breakfast in the hotel, you’ll hop a motorcoach for a guided city tour of London. Make sure you have your camera, because Buckingham Palace, St. Paul’s Cathedral, Trafalgar Square, Westminster Abbey, Parliament and Big Ben will be just outside your window.

A quick break for lunch at the park is the perfect pause before your afternoon at the Tower of London where you’ll visit the Crown Jewels, the Medieval Palace, the Torture at the Tower exhibition and more. From there, you’ll set off for dinner with friends, then back to the hotel to pack – because your time in England is coming to a close.

Early the next morning, you’ll be Paris-bound via the high-speed Eurostar Train that leaves London, travels beneath the English Channel at 186mph and arrives in the City of Lights just before lunch. Somehow, you’re already three days into your journey, but there’s so much more in store. To daydream through the rest of our exciting Ambassadors’ destinations, make sure to follow our blog and social media channels. We can’t wait to bring these daydreams to life in just a few short months!

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The Ambassadors of Music tour offers talented student musicians an unparalleled opportunity to explore the best of Europe, including the birthplace of classical music itself. This fifteen-day tour takes students and directors on an adventure through five countries, with once-in-a-lifetime cultural experiences throughout our journey, including performances in historic venues.