Destination Close-Up: Germany

Switzerland stole our hearts for a few days, but not to worry – there are more daydreams of our European adventures in store for you.

Our dreamy Swiss experience ends with a beautiful dinner party, complete with delicious food, local music and, of course, the stunning Swiss Alps towering behind us. In the morning, we’re bound for Germany. Let’s go!


Our first stop in Germany is Rothenburg, in northern Bavaria – a lovely village with a storybook feel. You’ll step off the motorcoach and wonder if you’ve gone back in time, as you explore this historic walled town and its medieval architecture. 

After a good night’s sleep, a full day of Rothenburg awaits you, where you can visit the largest Christmas shop in Europe, indulge in delicious German sweets and experience the Ratstrinkstube Clock Tower. This world-famous clock chimes every hour, on the hour and opens its face to reenact the legendary story of the brave mayor who drank nearly a gallon of wine to save his city from an evil count – now that’s a fairytale! 

Your group may perform in one of the beautiful venues around the city, including Rothenburg’s historic town center, Marktplatz, or St. Jacob Kirche, a cathedral built in the 14th century. At dusk, you’ll have the opportunity to experience the Night Watchman Tour, a guided tour led by a “medieval” night watchman who will regale you with his tales of protecting the town. Don’t miss it – this tour is one of the most famous walking tours in Europe. 


As we depart Germany and travel to Austria, we’ll stop in Dachau, the location of Nazi Germany’s first and longest-operating concentration camp. The somber reality of the atrocities performed here is difficult to comprehend, but honoring the lives lost and learning from this devasting time in human history is a privilege.

The Dachau concentration camp was liberated by U.S. forces in 1945, but not before over 40,000 prisoners were brutally executed here. Our visit will include a comprehensive overview of the former camp and together we’ll walk through the cells, barracks and gas chamber where so many lives ended. You’ll leave the memorial with a better understanding of this place and the impact of what happened here. 

Our time in Germany allows us to experience history with both its charms and its darkness.  In contrast, our time in Austria will be a joyful one, full of music, art and the beauty that humanity can offer the world. Don’t miss our next post, where we’ll explore Salzburg and the Austrian countryside together! 

A reminder – every group’s itinerary varies slightly, so this daydream may be a bit different than your on-the-ground adventure when it comes to the order of destinations, attractions you’ll visit, etc.

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