The Countdown: April 2024

April is here and this month’s post brings us that much closer to departure day!

After our last two posts in February and March, you should be in serious countdown mode and have taken care of a few things, especially…

Your passport. 

You have it, right?

Hopefully that beautiful piece of documentation has arrived at your house and is just waiting to be tucked away in a lanyard-style holder. Or perhaps your passport is in process, getting final touches from the Department of State and nearly bound for your mailbox.

If you haven’t applied for your passport, please do so immediately.  At this point, the “expedited” or “urgent” options will be a necessity to give yourself the highest chance of receiving your passport before your tour departs.

And, as a reminder, your passport must be valid for at least six months after your return date.

Beyond passports, we still have plenty of time to get ready for departure day. So, let’s get to it!

What to Bring

Backpack – check Suitcase – check! But what should you pack in those things? Don’t worry – we’ve got you covered. Here’s a quick list of what you’ll need on tour:

  • Travel Clothes – Comfort + layers are the name the of the game on tour. You’ll need 15 days of comfortable pants, shorts, shirts, socks, etc., plus warmer layers for cool evenings – think an appropriate hoodie, sweater or jacket. 
  • Performance Clothes – We want you looking like the polished performance unit that you are, so be sure to review the list of performance wear provided by your State Coordinators.
  • Walking Shoes – You’ll be walking. A lot. Bring a pair of high-quality, comfortable walking shoes or sneakers that you’ve broken in ahead of time. Blisters on tour are the enemy of a good time.
  • Packing Cubes – We mentioned these in our very first post but love them so much, we’re here to remind you to snag some on Amazon. They’ll keep your suitcase (and life!) organized on tour. 
  • Phone Charger – It’s a small thing, and easy to forget, but trust us – your trip is much more enjoyable when you remember it.

Also, BRT will provide you with a complementary power adaptor for anything that uses a battery.  But if you think you might need a spare, that’s never a bad idea!

Pre-Tour Camp

If you think you’re excited about the tour now, just wait until you’re snapping selfies with your new friends at your state’s pre-tour camp! Meeting your fellow Ambassadors, getting to know new directors and learning new music is the perfect kickoff to your tour experience, so make sure those dates are written in Sharpie on your calendar. 

We’ll see you right back here next month with more pre-trip recommendations and countdown excitement!

About Ambassadors
of Music

The Ambassadors of Music tour offers talented student musicians an unparalleled opportunity to explore the best of Europe, including the birthplace of classical music itself. This fifteen-day tour takes students and directors on an adventure through five countries, with once-in-a-lifetime cultural experiences throughout our journey, including performances in historic venues.