The Countdown: February 2024

Waiting is the hardest, isn’t it? 

As you count down the days until your Ambassadors of Music tour, there are a few important things you can do NOW to make the wait more exciting. So, let’s kick the winter blues together and set our minds on some summer adventures, shall we?

Passports – the Window Is Closing!

If you haven’t applied for your passport, now is the time to make sure that’s taken care of. Your passport is the most important item you’ll pack – you won’t be able to join us for the trip if you don’t have it in hand. While the Department of State recommends 6-8 weeks for processing, they don’t guarantee that timeframe, so we strongly suggest that you select “expedited processing” to make sure you receive your passport in time. 

Pack Like a Pro

Knowing HOW to pack is just as important as knowing WHAT to pack. A few insider tips:

  • Only bring a suitcase, your instrument case, a carry-on (usually a backpack) and a small personal item like a purse.
  • To avoid expensive overage fees, make sure your suitcase is 60 linear inches (H+W+D=60 or less) and max 50lbs. once fully packed. 
  • Don’t guess! Weigh your packed suitcase with a portable luggage scale. You can find them on Amazon for less than $20 and trust us, they’re worth it.
  • We’re in love with packing cubes to keep suitcases organized. Find a set you like and add it to your Amazon cart (with your portable luggage scale, seriously).

Safety First

You need a passport holder that goes around your neck. You’ll wear it under your shirt, so don’t worry about fashion rules here. Keeping your passport safe throughout your trip is a top priority – you DO NOT want it lost or stolen. Pickpockets and thieves pay attention to tourists in busy areas, so it’s best to keep your passport close to the chest – literally.

For the next few months, we’ll be posting a monthly “Countdown” post with helpful tips, tricks and suggestions to make the most of your Ambassadors experience. If you need some travel daydream inspo, don’t miss our destination posts where we’ll be giving you a preview of the countries on our tour. 

‘Til then, we’re counting the days!

About Ambassadors
of Music

The Ambassadors of Music tour offers talented student musicians an unparalleled opportunity to explore the best of Europe, including the birthplace of classical music itself. This fifteen-day tour takes students and directors on an adventure through five countries, with once-in-a-lifetime cultural experiences throughout our journey, including performances in historic venues.